Carolyn AKA “Doodle” started riding after taking the MSF course on a whim, never planning on riding motorcycles after that weekend. Six years later, she has ridden baggers and adventure bikes to Key West, Tail of the Dragon, Sturgis, the Ozarks, and trained with retired cops and GS Trophy riders. More recently, she bought a Triumph Tiger 900 and rode it cross country and back. She loves riding to unique and interesting places on her Tiger, and is always striving to be a better rider, and hopes to do more off-roading as well.

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Ryan AKA “Full Throttle Hog” has been involved in video production for 23 years and started riding in May of 2000.  After riding sport bikes for several years, he decided it was time for change and purchased his Harley-Davidson Road Glide Special.  Ryan has spent the last 4 years combining his two passions, motorcycles and cinematography.  He travels the country creating documentary films and other videos.  His first two short film documentaries, “Sturgis Doesn’t Care” and “Every Mile A Memory” have only provided him more inspiration to ride the country and create films.  

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Vanessa AKA She.Rides.Moto first started riding in fall of 2018, when she spontaneously bought a Sportster without even knowing how to ride. After taking the MSF course a few weeks later, she began riding as a passive hobby. It wasn’t until January 2022 that riding went from a passive hobby to an addicting and fulfilling lifestyle — that was when she upgraded to her 2022 Road Glide Special. In that first year, she crushed 16k miles on trips across the Smokies in Tennessee, southeast Georgia, a solo trip to Key West, and countless other adventures. She also has a Low Rider ST, and recently added a GSXR 1000 to her small fleet to get a taste of the super bike world. She’s also a mental health advocate and shares her personal struggles, along with how riding has given her a new thirst for life.

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Justin Bird, AKA “Bike ‘N Bird” is a Texas Native Motorcycle enthusiast. For Justin, motorcycles are a family affair. The whole family enjoys motorcycles and frequently attends events for both off-road and street bikes.

Justin’s favorite bikes are YES. The history and variety between dirt, baggers and sport bikes are what Justin loves about motorcycles. This encourages him to work on being a well balanced and skillful rider. Beyond riding, Justin has a passion for upgrading, customizing and designing bikes and is always looking for a new project to change things up! His favorite places to ride are anywhere he hasn’t been before, any place with good food, and is a sucker for a photogenic overlook. A mix of Group, Solo and Family trips keep things interesting and are always a good time.

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Angelette Aviles, aka @Moto.Shorty, began her motorcycle journey in secret as a college backpacker. Despite parental and adult responsibilities, her passion stayed dormant for years. A transformative 2 year expat experience in Japan on a scooter reignited her love for motorcycles. Returning to Washington DC, she bravely gave up her car responsibilities to her young teenagers in exchange for a used Harley Sportster Superlow. Unfazed by skeptics & inspired by Ewan McGregor’s “Long Way” series, she upgraded to a  brand new 2021 BMW F750GS, inspiring fellow short 5’0” riders with her fearlessness. From thrilling off-road adventures to epic falls, Moto.Shorty’s incredible journeys continue to captivate.

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For most of his adult life, Adam has taken the road less traveled. A born entrepreneur and philanthropist, he is used to working hard and fighting for what he believes in. Adam revved the engines of the motorcycle world in 2014 with his creation of ScootinAmerica, a two year road trip to raise money for our military, which stemmed from his passion for riding motorcycles and was fueled by his regret of not serving in the military. Adam’s plan was simple – to give back to those who served and, to date, Adam has raised over 1 million dollars for our nations heroes.

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Four days after saying “I do!”, Chris and Caitlyn (Scrambler Stories), hit the open road and have been traveling on their motorcycles ever since. Chris, having been riding for several years, has ridden all over North America solo, and even succeeded in riding to the Arctic Ocean back in 2019. In Caitlyn’s first year of riding, she has completed her first coast to coast, ridden throughout Baja Mexico, and now she and Chris are making their way to Alaska. They are working towards the goal of traveling to all areas of the world from Morocco to Mongolia and beyond, telling stories along the way.

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What’s up world!? My Name is Rickey aka “G-Kue” I am a motorcycle rider from New Orleans, La. I love to film and document my travels across the country and expose people to motorcycle culture. 

    I ride a 2016 Harley-Davidson Roadglide (Bessie) and a 2011 Harley-Davidson Roadking (Bertha). I have ridden all over including trips to Canada, Los Angeles and Key West. I love meeting new people, experiencing new things and taking pictures! I hope to see you on the road soon and as always “Be Safe, Be Cool, Be You” Peace!

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