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Motorcycle and travel enthusiasts. I go cool places, meet interesting people, eat great food and film it all for you to see!

3400 Cottage Way, Ste G2 #19038



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Great Ride to a Great Spot!

Whether you are coming from Winters or Napa the ride up and around Lake Berryessa is a fun packed motorcycle road. Turtle Rock Bar and Café sits just South West of the lake closer to the Napa side at the peak elevation of the ride. Tons of parking and a great atmosphere, Along with lots to look at because of all the money stapled to the ceilings and walls. They offer a small bar and kitchen so if you need a refreshing drink or if you're hungry then they got you covered. They are famously known for their killer egg rolls. These things are HUGE! and delicious. If your in the area camping they even have a small market in case you forgot any supplies. Overall great family owned spot that you have to stop at and enjoy!

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